as a teacher…





Rather than teaching, inspiring or motivating people to achieve their goals is much better to explain my philosophy. Teaching is a circle turning around itself consisting of the time, material, motivation, participation, as well as the learners and the teachers. It is not only “give and take” relationship. It is the progress in which both learners and teachers improve themselves. Not only the students learn, but teachers also get new ideas and visions from different types of learners.  To teach or learn, people need each other:

As a teacher I am the model. What I use or do affect their learning and getting the new things. The students are the material which needs to be shaped by your experience and knowledge. Students are the ones who are there with you, depend on you, rely on you and respect you to help them succeed the things they desire. Teaching is just the term for the process which must be well designed and planned according to the needs of the society we teach.

As students, they are the society that wants to get or acquire new things from the source they trust. They should be valued and respected as well. If they understand that they are the core of the process and it is important to be aware of the progress, they can be much more encouraged to use what they learn. They shouldn’t learn something by heart; they should use everything they learn in real-life situations.

Being a good teacher or very effective teacher is not the matter. A successful teacher doesn’t affect others. S/he shows the path to go to success and make learners focus on their aims, inspire interest and motivate. The teacher should recognize that each and every student is unique and genuine. They should be treated differently in a harmony that no one should feel another one is higher or lower than each other. They should be aware of and get benefit from the differences which are generally seen as problems in a group. Differences are the chances to improve our visions. Because of this variety, being flexible and having lots of techniques or methods that we can use is the best approach. Trying various tasks and approaches, making them work together can get the attention of each student with a different style. We should not only expect success from the learners, we also try to understand what they expect us to do. Needs are the source of our style and methods.

My teaching philosophy is using, trying, applying, adapting or adjusting any kind of material, technique or method according to my students level, age, aim and most importantly goals. Mission and vision are the milestones of teaching.


Ayşegül ÇEPNİ


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